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Economic Empowerment

THAILAND: Home Sweet Home

$38000 | 1 Project

This money will be used to start up 6 family units and communal center to support single mothers and their children.



$5000 | 1 Project

This money will be used to help run the Chitenge Creations Sewing School which provides vulnerable women with practical skills for their futures.

HONDURAS: Train Up a Girl

$4080 | 20 Projects

This money will provide an opportunity for one young woman to gain practical skills and develop her faith. It includes all of the expenses for transportation, food and accommodation, national teaching and support staff, and supplies.

MYANMAR: The Baker's Apprentice

$3000 | 4 Projects

This money will provide a one-year apprenticeship to a Myanmar women currently earning less than $1/day and give them training that includes skills and life training resulting in graduates immediately entering the work force earning 6X’s what they had earned previously.

MALAWI: There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe

$500 | 12 Projects

This money will support the Feeding Program offered at the Children’s Rehabilitation Program, Preschool, Special Education Program, Epilepsy Clinics at all 11 Outreach clinics daily for one month.