It doesn’t matter where I go in the world I am discovering that women are women!

We care about the same things! I met a woman last August who lived with her family in a slum outside Pretoria, South Africa.

I was introduced to her by Marvelyn Schell (who incidentally is one of the facilitators of ZOE Projects). Marvelyn had worked with this young woman, offering a small business loan and ongoing support so that she could begin a baking business from her home.

This small investment was absolutely life changing.

I travelled to Kolkatta to meet with Monique Shaw and accompanied her in the brothels in the heart of the city.

There I saw Monique’s dream to begin a jewelry business that would offer women an alternative to life in the brothels.

I met a Canadian woman who is passionate about manufacturing reusable menstrual kits and distributing them in Africa so that young women do not have to drop out of school.

I have met some AMAZING women all around the world!

Through all of these experiences, a deep desire to connect women across the globe began to grow.

We who have worked on ZOE wondered what would happen if we told the story and gave Canadian women the opportunity to help.

You see, I know that Canadian women care about our sisters around the world, but often we just don’t know what to do.

We hope that ZOE Projects will help with that. ZOE Projects is meant to link women around the world…sharing resources, ideas and encouragement.

I was in South Africa to “help”, but I learned so much from having met this young entrepreneur. I saw resilience, ingenuity, beauty and a deep commitment to doing “what it takes” for her family.

I was richer for the exchange.

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It is going to great!

With great excitement -