Good Afternoon from ZOE Projects...It is hard to believe that February is almost here.  We are excited to announce the launch of our third ZOE Project!  

We are partnering with Kathy Bowler in Malawi to create income generating opportunities for mothers of children with disabilities.  Here are the details of the project:

ZOE Project Partner:

Kathy Bowler

Kathy Bowler is a PAOC global worker who ministers in Lilongwe, Malawi.  Using her skills in occupational and physical therapy, Kathy founded the Children of Blessing Trust in 2007 to work with children with disabilities and their families.  Kathy is married to Steve and a mum. 

The Problem:

Families with children with disabilities in Malawi live in crushing poverty and often experience rejection within their communities.  The mothers in particular carry a heavy burden and are exhausted trying to help their families survive. 

Our Solution:

Seeing the need for flexible work for these mums, Kathy is about to launch a crochet business.  Using Malawian cotton, she will teach women to crochet so that they can produce high quality sweaters to market in Canada.  She is also creating opportunities for small businesses for women to sell second hand clothing in 11 rural communities surrounding Lilongwe.  

What can you do?

Kathy needs “seed money” to begin.  Items needed to begin include:

Material (Cotton and Thread) – $500

Four Bales for good quality clothing - $1000

Transportation cost for bales to rural communities - $250

Salary costs for Malawian Development worker – $1250

Total $3000 CDN

Consider covering the cost of any (or all) of these items


To go straight to the website for more on this link:!malawi/c7ek