Leanne McAlister and Kathy Bowler

Monday morning I had the privilege of hanging out with Kathy Bowler at the Vancouver International Airport before she boarded a flight back to Malawi.  (Our super awesome double-selfie is above.)  Kathy is one of our partners on a current ZOE Project which is working to support mums of children of special needs Malawi.  I decided to record part of our conversation so that you can listen in.  You will certainly hear Kathy's heart for the work that she does...

Kathy's Introduction:

(notice the snow...and the car going through the drive-through...because we are classy like that!) 


Kathy's Interview: http://www.mcalisters.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Leanne-McAlister-Interview.mp3

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Be Inspired and let God move your heart!

 - Leanne