Kathy with husband Steve and daughters Alisa and Amy

At the end of February we told you about Kathy Bowler, one of our project partners living and serving in Malawi.  As an Occupational Therapist, Kathy works with the families of children with special needs.  Kathy told us that the mums of these kids bear the weight of caring for and providing for their families. 

Seeing the need for flexible work for these mums, Kathy proposed that we help her start a crochet business. 

ZOE Projects challenged Canadians to give the $3000 of seed money needed for Kathy to get started.  We are happy to report that 8 weeks later we are transferring this money to her.  (And there is more to come...a group of women meeting in Ontario this weekend are raising money for Kathy...)

I got to share the news with Kathy this morning and here is what she said:

"This is wonderful news.  It will mean so much to the women!  It will help them to find ways to support their own family and to ensure that their children have the things that they need. As a mother I cannot even imagine how it feels to see your children go to bed hungry or sick and not be able to help them.  The funding that you are sending will help a group of women get the things they need to start a business so that they can provide for their families!  Hope for the future!  Thanks so much!"

Go Kathy!  We are cheering you on!!!

Our next project is just around the corner...stay tuned...