I remember visiting Bangkok for the first time a few years ago and being stunned at how widespread and casual the use and abuse of women and children was.  My husband and I saw young Thai women "holidaying" with white Western men.  In effect, they were being rented for the day, week or month...as though they were simply a commodity. I was blown away and honestly, ignited with anger.  As Nicholas Kristof says in his book, Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for women Worldwide, “The tide of history is turning women from beasts of burden and sexual playthings into full-fledged human beings.”

What do we believe about women?  Are they simply a commodity or a sexual plaything?  No.  A woman is an image bearer of God with the full rights and dignity that that affords.  ZOE Projects affirms this and raises a banner of justice and freedom for all women around the globe.   

Today we announce our latest ZOE Project:

ZOE Project Partner:

Krista Couts - Krista is a PAOC global worker living in Bangkok, Thailand with her husband Darrick. She works with an organization called NightLight International and is soon welcoming her first baby.

The Problem:

Unfortunately, Bangkok, Thailand is home to a growing international sex industry. The Thai women within this industry usually come from poor rural families. Most are sent to Bangkok by their parents in order to provide for their families. These women feel trapped and hopeless, seeing no options and no future.

Our Solution:

Krista works with NightLight International - NightLight reaches out to women trapped in the sex industry through regular outreaches in the bars and on the street. Through relationship women are offered alternative employment. NightLight focuses on four core areas to help combat the growing sex industry within in Thailand: intervention, prevention, restoration and education. They also assist women trafficked from other countries into Bangkok to work in the sex industry by providing a safe house for these international victims and working to return them home for a fresh start and new beginning.  

What can you do?

You can help support Krista in her work with Nightlight International. Their desire according to Krista is that “these women see their God-given beauty, value, worth, giftings, and talents. We want them to know their past does not have to define their future.”

Email: kcouts@paoc.org

We couldn’t agree more! Krista needs your support. Give generously to this ministry through ZOE Projects. 


Krista with a young Thai woman