If you are a ZOE blog reader you will know that recently we dispersed $3000 to our ZOE Partner, Kathy Bowler in Malawi.  Kathy works with mums of special needs children and the funds we raised will assist Kathy in starting income generating projects for these mums.  It was SO great and I did a full-out happy dance around my kitchen when we transferred the money.  (I am not sure you ever want to see that dance.)  Anyway, we thought we were done...at least for the moment when the most awesome thing happened. 

I got a text from my friend Ali Malott who pastors in Peterborough...Ali and her girlfriend Wendy Couper, (who pastors in another church in Peterborough) were holding a joint women's retreat that next weekend with about 90 women.  They featured Kathy's work at the retreat and the women responded with an offering of $1100.  Ali and Wendy were blown away!

Women on retreat in Peterborough

That same weekend, another of our advocates, Colleen Lantondress of London, Ontario, turned 50 years old.  Rather than have people give her gifts and money, (and really, don't we have enough stuff?!?) Colleen requested that they make a donation to ZOE Projects.  Colleen creatively provided opportunities for women to give from selling artfully decorated mugs and journals to providing take home coffee cups to put extra change in for ZOE.  The money is still coming in, but let's just say that the Birthday party was hugely successful.  All I know is that Kathy asked for 3000...but we are going to give her WAY more!

Marvelyn presenting at Colleen's Birthday Party

Project sheets from our Malawi Project (find it on the website)

So it has been a great week!  I am inspired.  Thank you Ali, Wendy and Colleen for your creativity and calling your friends on to generosity. There is more than enough!

If you are reading this...consider yourself challenged.  How are you going to respond to the needs of women around the world?  What can you do from your little patch of grass?  You can do it!


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