Darcy and I just got back from nearly a month in Asia...and we return INSPIRED! We were keeping our eyes and ears open for future ZOE Projects and were amazed by the quality and strength of Canadian women as they serve the needs of people worldwide.  One of these "strong women" is Linda Veldhuizen.

Linda Velduizen

Linda has been serving in the Philippines forover two decades.  Linda started a children's home (now named Noah's Ark) which has seen a few generations of children grow up and make a life of their own.  Many young women have come through Linda's care and gone on to complete higher education.  It it is amazing to see these young women thrive and we love Linda's "bigger vision" for these young women.  Sometimes that is all we need...someone to believe in us with a bigger vision than we could ever hope to dream for ourselves.

An awesome video describing Linda's work is found here.  You have got to watch this!

Watch here: A Story of Hope

Check it out...and stayed tuned for a possible future project!