Late in the spring ZOE Projects decided to partner with Krista Couts. 

Krista is a PAOC global worker living in Bangkok, Thailand with her husband Darrick and they just welcomed their sweet baby girl. (Check out the video below to see her drool!)

A Little Update from Krista and Darrick!

Krista's work with NightLight International is exactly the type of work we love to support.  Through NightLight Krista reaches out to women trapped in the sex industry through regular outreaches in the bars and on the street. Through relationship women are offered alternative employment. They also assist women trafficked from other countries into Bangkok to work in the sex industry by providing a safe house for these international victims and working to return them home for a fresh start and new beginning. 

After spending a month in Asia this summer, my husband and I were reminded of the overwhelming need of women in South East Asia...unfortunately it is a "hot bed' of the growing international sex industry. I am so glad that women like Krista choose to stand in "the thick of it"...bringing the message of hope.

Now usually fundraising takes a bit of a "hiatus" in the summer as people kick back and do other things...but we were so pumped to receive donations towards Krista and her ministry, primarily from members of Church in the Oaks in London, Ontario.  This is making it possible to send Krista a cheque for $3200 this week...and we couldn't be more pleased!  Thanks for continuing to care and support.

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