My most over-used hash-tag just may be's message is actually what keeps me moving forward with ZOE. 

At ZOE, we love nothing more than seeing women understand their worth and value and then be released to walk courageously with the purpose that God has placed within them.  

We have learned that sometimes the smallest investment in a woman and her leadership can turn into a lasting legacy that crosses communities and generations.  The initial investment grows exponentially.

We want to tell you about one of these amazing women.

This is Dorcas.  

Dorcas ministering in her community

Dorcas is a wife and mum to four beautiful girls.  She and her husband pastor a church just outside of Nairobi.  Dorcas has a dream!  While she has worked with women for many years, she is beginning to take steps of faith, reaching out to women in surrounding rural areas.  Her vision is to educate women in basic skills and in health matters.  She also desires to give ways for women to lift themselves out of poverty. This is a high capacity woman on a mission!  (Watch. Out.)

Teaching women

Have you ever had a dream like that?  Something that seemed impossible, but was so compelling that you couldn't not do it?

What we love is that Dorcas wants to be an even better leader than she currently is and so has set her sights on pursuing more education.  She wants to complete her MA in Theology at Pan Africa Christian University in Nairobi to further refine her skills. 

When we, at ZOE hear stories like hers, we automatically think:  

How can we help her?  How can we affirm the leadership that we see in her?  How can we help impact whole communities that we as Canadians could never reach?  

Well...there is a way!  We can invest in Dorcas and in her education.

ZOE Projects is excited to partner with Timothy Fund (a PAOC initiative) and work together to provide a scholarship for Dorcas.  Her MA program is 6 terms in length and we would like to provide $500 in scholarship money per term, for a total of $3000 over two years. This will make the Dorcas' vision of bringing the the message of hope and reconciliation to her community possible! 

What a great investment.  Who is in?

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