We had a pretty amazing connection point with Broadway Church last Spring.  Broadway Church is a thriving church in the city of Vancouver.  You can check more about their passion for the city here.

They reach out strategically in a variety of ways both locally and internationally.  We love their heart for people.

They were aware of ZOE Projects and wanted to take on a crazy vision goal to support women internationally.  (We love crazy goals!)

In November Broadway Church will be taking on 2 exciting projects...

You can see more here...

Broadway Church Video

But here it is in a nutshell...

Project #1 - Yangon Bakehouse - Myanmar

Storefront of Yangon Bakehouse

The Yangon Bakehouse is located in Myanmar.  The Bakehouse is a 10 month skills training program for women from disadvantaged backgrounds. Many have been in prison or have worked in the sex-trade. They are also in debt, and paying up to 40% interest on small loans of less than $100 which they take out to survive. In the nurturing environment of the Bakehouse, women learn hospitality skills that can translate into a good job upon graduation.  Besides hospitality they are taught basic kitchen skills, hygiene, English, reproductive health, self- esteem and financial skills.  The Yangon Bakehouse needs equipment to set up another kitchen and Broadway church is going to meet this need.  Their goal this November is $12000.

Project #2 - Ministry Training Centre - Trujillo, Honduras

Student in Trujillo

Kim Hodgkiss in director of a discipleship training centre for teen girls at risk. (Check more out here.) Kim, with her team, teach these girls practical skills so that they are employable when they graduate from high school.  Kim purchases sewing machines to gift each girl as they graduate.  Broadway Church want to help!  Their goal is to buy sewing machines for the Training centre to the tune of $8000.

Inspiring much?

Sometimes hearing big goals can leave us, not inspired, but overwhelmed...thinking, but what can I do?  Maybe the question is more...

What can We do?  There is something pretty powerful about joining forces with others to make something bigger happen.  Who is around you (in your church/small group/book club/rowing team)?  How can you help mobilize them to help vulnerable women around the globe?

Want to donate?  Here is how!

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