Menstrual pads changing a life?  Really?

In Canada, menstrual protection is pretty easy.

When we run out, we just head over to our local Shopper's Drug Mart to pick up what we need.  It is really that simple.  (Don't you love that Shopper's is pretty much the same all over Canada?)

Unfortunately many girls and women around the world do not have access to this same protection... and the consequences are surprisingly serious.  Many girls have no choice but to drop out of school because of their lack of personal hygiene resources, and therefore they miss out on receiving an education.  This “small” problem can define these girls’ lives.

Here are four key ways in which menstrual pads can change a life.

  • Girls between the ages of 12-15 are free to go to school and receive an education.  UN statistics show that with menstrual protection, attendance at school increases by 75%.
  • Girls marry later and subsequently delay having children.  Their children tend to be healthier. 
  • With an education, girls have more career options and they will make on average an income that is 25% higher.
  • With sustainable work girls experience independence and healthier relationships. 

Is this not crazy?

Thankfully, there are people around the world that have seen this problem and made it a personal passion. You will have to wait until next week's blog post (sorry...I think they call this a "teaser") but at ZOE Projects we want to help provide menstrual protection for girls and women in Africa.

Stay tuned...we will be announcing an initiative next is going to be great!