She Leads was a conference for women that ZOE was delighted to partner with last month in Cobourg, Ontario.  She Leads is the dream of Wendy Burton and the Eastern Ontario Women’s Network – PAOC.   I (Leanne) was excited to be one of the speakers for the conference which focused on calling out the potential of every woman. 

One of the conference attendees was Donna Leck. 

Donna is our "guest blogger” this week to share her impressions of She Leads.

Donna Leck

Tell us a little about yourself...

I’ve been married for 22 years. My husband is a minister and I’ve been very active in partnering with him in ministry for 18 of those years.  I’m the mother of 3 teenage daughters (15,17,20) and in my spare time I’m a full-time manager at a financial institution.

Coming into the She Leads Conference , where were you "at"? 

My husband, girls and I are confident that we are in the centre of God’s will for our lives. As a family we had relocated to life in the fast lane to southern Ontario a year ago moving away from  our extended family. My oldest daughter transferred universities, 3 of my girls began working, within 6 months I was offered a promotion to manager, we went from a traditional large Church to a inner city small Church. On any given day during the week each of us are in 4 different city’s/communities. Gone are the days of my husband and I doing lunch dates! It’s been a whirlwind of change in the Leck household this year.

As of late I had been praying for something more. Often as a women we give at work, we give to our kids, we give to our hubbys, we give to our extended families, and we give to our Church. Regardless of how content we are life still has this incredible way of sucking the zeal right out of ya! And that’s just where I found myself. I felt like I wanted to do more for God but what would that look like in our new Church setting? What did I have to truly offer that would make a difference?

What was particularly impacting in the messages at She Leads?

  • Leanne challenged us as women to be the EZER - "the strong warrior" that God created us to be. I was reminded that there is a Spiritual war going on for my identity. Satan is in the business of getting us to believe the lies that we are just a ‘helper’ which leads us as women to under vision our lives, rendering us powerless. I remember sitting there thinking "been there, done that, got the t-shirt". When you grow up being a shy kid and lack confidence, it’s easy  to fall into the enemy’s trap of believing you are powerless. This concept of being an EZER - "the strong warrior" was refreshing and a great kick in the pants!
  • God’s not asking us to be someone we are not but simply to be who He has wired us to be. We need to understand what God has deposited into our life.
  • I absolutely love Leanne’s catch phrase. "God can’t use what we don’t acknowledge.”

What does this mean moving forward in your life?

I guess that means that I better start acknowledging how he’s wired me! For years I’ve wrestled with acknowledging my God given strengths. I couldn’t have told you what they were if you had asked. I tabled it as trying to be humble - :)   

God used this conference to refocus me on what’s truly important. Recognizing who He’s created me to be and confidently running with that. I’ve created some tangible goals with God in areas that I’m ready to step out in. 

It makes me think of Esther in the Bible (Esther 4:14) ... she was wired ‘for such a time as this’. The impact of  her little gesture was not so little! I’m left pondering ... now that I’m acknowledging, what does God have in store for me? We can be assured that each one of us is His best for His purposes! 

This is SO encouraging!  Thank you Donna for sharing what God is developing in you.

Intrigued?  Wish that you had gone to "She Leads"?

ZOE Projects is pleased to be partnering with Jo-Ann Porterfield and her team on "Free to Lead" in Winnipeg, January 23 and 24, 2015.  (It has always been our dream to visit Winnipeg in January!)

...check out more here:

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