We are often told "go big or go home",  While I like the concept (particularly on my "I am Woman, hear me Roar" days), if I am honest, the thought of trying something BIG freaks me out and often sends me to the couch...

I wonder if we are going about this all wrong, trying as individuals to "make a difference".  Maybe the question isn't "what should I do" but is actually "what should we do"

What would happen if women across Canada began to work strategically together for BIG things? 

Today's post is by Carmen Kampman.  Carmen works in Community Relations at Horizon College in Saskatoon and is passionate about empowering women in Leadership. In April she is leading an Event called Free to Lead Saskatoon.

(Check it out here.)

She is also a great friend of ZOE. 

by Carmen Kampman

Life has many phases, and if you are one of those people that has a great memory and can remember your childhood years, you’ll likely remember well the I’ll-do-it-myself phase. My mom tells me that I was a frequent “me do it!” kinda girl. Not only that, I enjoyed letting everyone else around me know just how much I liked to achieve things on my own. 

But when we grow up we recognize (or at least we should!) that there are a great many things we can’t do on our own. (I confess I’m still a work in progress in this area!) And when it comes to Kingdom work, I’m convinced that it is imperative we understand why we can’t make a significant difference solely on our own. 

Here are a 4 reasons worth thinking about:

  • Women are uniquely shaped by their life experience, carrying with them with them a unique perspective. Collaborating together empowers us to view a situation through multiple lenses helping to ensure a “big picture” view. In other words, we might see or learn something we didn’t see or know before – how exciting!
  • Outcomes matter. So if outcomes matter, collaboration matters. If our primary mission as Christians is the advancement of God’s Kingdom here on earth, then healthy Christian living recognizes that the wisdom of community is deeper and wider than wisdom of self.
  • It’s both empowering and strengthening to converse together. The Didache (a compilation of early Christian teachings) says, “...every day you should seek out the company of the saints so that you can be helped by their conversation." (Didache 4.2)
  • Individually we are limited resources. No one person posses all of God’s gifts or wisdom. A rich tapestry is created when diverse gifts collaborate together.

Learning to collaborate and work well with others has been a big part of my journey these past four years. At times it has been messy – icky messy! And on more than one occasion I have hurt someone and have had to ask for their forgiveness. As a high-functioning, high-energy, results-oriented person I have learned the importance and value of intentionally seeking out others in order to collaborate. As a result, the outcomes on projects or decisions have far exceeded anything that I could have done alone.

So let me conclude with a few questions for us to consider: 

Do I understand that I’m a limited resource? 

What value do I see in collaborative conversation? 

What holds me back from asking others for their input? (Be honest!) 

What “company of saints” should I seek out so that I can be helped by their conversation?

Blessings in your journey,

Carmen Kampman