We love learning from others...so we have asked some good questions of great female leaders across the globe.  We hope it will inspire you in your own leadership!  If you have some questions for these women, post it in the comments section. 

We continue this series with one of our ZOE Partners - Judy Bowler

Who are you?

My name is Judy Bowler 

Where do you minister? 

How long have you worked with vulnerable women?

I have been ministering to poor women in Senegal West Africa for about 10 years through micro enterprise programs and through training Christian women of influence. 

Using three words, how would you describe your leadership style?

Responsive, Holistic, Teamwork.  

I love to listen to women in order to draw out the gold that is in them and then help them find a place to develop those capacities. Don’t we all just want someone to believe in us?  I love to see the spiritual, physical and social needs converge in Holy Spirit led responses.  And I love to see the multiplication that comes from working together in team work.

How do you go about empowering women in your context?

No matter what colour skin we have, we all have a heart that has the seed of God-shaped dreams waiting to be watered and cultivated.  And the beauty of it is that one seed can produce a great harvest over time.  For example, my Senegalese friend Celia has so many Holy Spirit dreams and we’ve worked together to make them happen.  She saw the need to reach her family with the gospel and so…we did an Operation Christmas Child Distribution among her extended family…That led to giving out the OCC gifts among orphans in her family villages in the South of Senegal…that led to doing a one week teaching on life and sexuality to young women…that led to 3 young people giving their lives to the Lord…that led to groups in 10 villages gathering regularlyto listen to the Word of God on SD cards.

Jesus cared for the widow of Nain by first seeing the need and then letting his heart be moved with compassion.  He moved toward the need and touched it, speaking with the woman and caring for he emotions.  Then the time was ripe for a miracle!  And the boy was raised from the dead.

Who has been your greatest influence in your development as a leader?  

I lead by following the Leader, by watching what the Father is doing and cooperating with Him in what he is already doing.  I have been so inspired by how Heidi Baker in Mozambique does that.  She dreams big, leans hard into God and loves the one sitting in the dust. 

If you had one piece of advice for someone who wanted to do what you do, what would you tell them?

Follow His example.  See.  Be moved. Touch. Talk and listen. Then expect a miracle!