We love a good story...Do you want to hear a couple of really cool ZOE stories?

  • On November 8th, a group of women met in Brandon, Manitoba for a "You Matter Day"...which is a great gathering for the encouragement of local women.  (More Here)  They knew that they didn't want this day to be just about them...they wanted to do something for women in need globally...and so they asked ZOE what they could do.  They chose to highlight Nightlight International and Krista Couts as their ZOE Project. End of story?  Not at all.  This week we got an email from Krista sharing the rest of the story.  The funds that the women in Brandon raised went to purchase a plane ticket for a woman that had been trafficked from Uganda.  This woman was able to return home with her baby daughter and begin to rebuild her life.  Amazing hey?  Something "small" but oh so life changing!
  • In mid-January, a group of students from BC Campus Ministries went on their annual retreat, which is called Emerge.  They always choose a global project that they, together can invest in.  This year they chose ZOE Projects and were excited to invest in female leaders globally.  A group of 200 hundred students (let's face it - students are not always flush with money) raised over $3000 for ZOE!  The organizer, John Engels reports that it was a very special weekend and that "God highlighted the value of women throughout the weekend"!

Emerge Conference - BC Campus Ministries

These are just ordinary people.  Just like you.

One of the reasons we share these stories is to inspire YOU...

What do you care about? (AKA - What tugs your heart?)

Who is in your community that you could collaborate with? 

 What could you do?

We LOVE to connect people...so ask us how you can help!

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