Since launching ZOE Projects about 18 months ago...we are often asked, "What exactly is ZOE Projects?" 

ZOE Projects is an exciting new initiative of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada International Mission.  We see ourselves as a bridge and work hard to connect Canadians, districts and churches with the work that our P.A.O.C Global workers and national partners are doing with reaching, equipping and caring for women around the globe.  We tell the “story” of our partners through our website and social media and then provide tangible ways for Canadians to partner strategically.  

ZOE is a Greek word meaning “absolute fullness of life, life which belongs to God, life real and genuine, a life active and vigorous, to last forever.”  It refers to the life that God himself lives.  While we respond to physical and social needs, we are motivated by the desire to reach women in order to meet their spiritual needs as well…helping women see their value as image bearers of Christ, inviting them into the life they were created for.  

Over the next few weeks we are launching our very first national campaign...with a direct mail out, Testimony article and Social Media blitz.  We want everyone to know the heart and passion of ZOE!

During the campaign we will be concentrating on 3 specific projects to raise awareness of and funds for.  Today we want to tell you about one of these projects.

Sarah and Christo Emmanuel

This is Sarah Emmanuel with her husband Christo.  We are big fans of Sarah and she is a good friend of ZOE. 

Sarah and Christo planted Living God Church in Chennai, India in 2006.  They have been strategically reaching out to the needs of women in their community. Through “Life Centres”, they provide women with access to education, skills training and much needed resources. It is here that women learn marketable skills that can lead to greater opportunities for income generating.

Women are often heavily restricted from empowerment BECAUSE they have children and so Sarah provides childcare for these women, essentially removing an often-insurmountable obstacle for women that desire to move their family out of the cycle of poverty.

Life Centres also function as a hub for evangelistic outreaches and discipleship where the Gospel of Christ is shared and received!

This is the heart of Sarah…that women would know their value and purpose and ultimately come to know Jesus!

As this program continues to grow and attract more women in the community, Sarah finds herself limited in space to continue to develop the program. We want to help by the funds to expand their facility.  This would facilitate this program's continued growth and impact in the community.

Give generously to this need!