ZOE Team - DR 2015

by Louise Crepault (Team member from Hawkesbury, Ontario)

How has this ZOE Projects Short Term Mission changed me?

I am so glad you asked!

Well, maybe it was seeing how 11 women – very different, from vary varied backgrounds, with a difference of 40 years between the youngest and the oldest became a strong, beautiful, powerful, loving unit!

Was it getting a glimpse of global workers totally sold out to the Great Commission, and drawing people to Christ by their love and commitment to meet their needs?

It could have been witnessing a new birth in Christ after this beautiful woman received gifts for her new house – gifts she could never afford, but received from Canadian women who care.

Then again, I could have been deeply moved by the testimony of this humble man of God whose son died at the age of 10 from Dengue fever who found healing and peace as God revealed to him all the lives that were touched by his son’s love for God while he was in the hospital.

Or maybe it was when this beautiful man of God thanked us for our generosity towards his congregation, when we are the ones who were so blessed in his commitment to pray for Canada.

What about all the love and blessings we received from these amazing pastoras who lead flocks of other women with almost no resources, but glowing mountain-moving faith?

Dozens more of these God-moments come to mind! I am expecting so many more! After all, it’s only Wednesday.

ZOE is all about connecting Canadian women with vulnerable women around the world. From where I sit, this goal is well on its way.

Louise Crepault