ZOE Projects is in the Dominican Republic.  Like, right now!

ZOE DR Team - 2015

We are on our first ever Short Term Mission with a group of 11 women from various parts of Canada.  While we are here to minister (you can see more on our Facebook page), we are also here to listen to Dominican women.  We want to understand more fully what the needs are of women in the developing world.

So we are trying to not do tons of talking...instead we are listening.

Some of our team members will be blogging for ZOE this week.  Our first team post is from Ruth Unger from Manitoba...

Ruth at our Pastoras "Pop up Party"

by Ruth Unger

It is about being available. Listening. Then doing.

Then, as for the making a difference part…that is on God’s shoulders. Not mine. And He’s got this.

So – will a difference be made? Oh, yes! Hearts and lives will be changed…probably starting with the eleven women who travelled!

There will be so much more too. Some results, some differences we will see and some we will not.

Because of who our God is, we approach this then with great expectation, anticipating his accomplishment, feeling completely privileged, thankful and humbled that we get to take part.

That God chooses to work in us and through us…that expression of grace and mercy and love extended to us…doesn’t that just stop you in your tracks…and then doesn’t it compel you to take a step…to go?

We love that this group of women has taken the step...to go.  Check back with us to hear what we learn.