Sarah and I met for coffee last week.  (Sarah is a ZOE Partner working in Chennai, India...more info here.)

It was a great "catch up" as her sweet daughter Rhema ran around Starbucks in her bare feet.  Sarah said that Rhema is very much a "child of India" who continually rejects shoes and socks even though she is visiting a very cold Canada.  Somehow, Rhema had missed the memo on the current temperature.

We were talking about the plight of women in the developing world (which lately I find myself doing more and more)...when Sarah began to tell me about the stigma she has faced because she delivered three daughters in a culture that prizes sons.  I asked Sarah to "hold that thought"...I grabbed my iPhone and filmed her story.  Have a listen on the link below...

Sarah, Christo and their three beautiful girls!

Video...on the stigma of delivering girls - Click Here.

It is an important story because it is the story of many women around the globe...women who have NO IDEA of their inherent value as daughters of God.

I can't help thinking that someone needs to tell them...Will that be you?