We are pleased to have Louise Crepault is our guest blogger this week.  Louise is from Hawkesbury, Ontario and was a member of the ZOE STM team to the Dominican Republic in February.  One of the things that impacted that team was seeing very "ordinary" women involved in extraordinary things.  

So often we write ourselves off because what we have to give seems so small...and yet it is the small investments of our talents, gifts and resources that turn into amazing things that LAST.  What about you?  Do you feel like you are "too ordinary" to do anything that really matters?  If so, read on...

Louise Crepault

by Louise Crepault

Who comes to mind when you think of extraordinary women?

I have met some pretty extraordinary women in the past, and some very recently. You know who I mean because you have seen her too. She is making a difference.

She is the global worker who works tirelessly to affirm other women by showing them genuine love. She provides a safe space for these women to be strengthened, nurtured and healed. She affirms them. She tells them how valuable they are in God’s eyes and hers.

She is that encourager who has this ability to say the exactly right word at the appropriate time to turn a bleak situation into one of hope.

She is the gentle soul who bakes food for the needy and tells them that God loves them.

She is also that sweet spirit who volunteers at the homeless shelter, just because she loves.

Each one of these extraordinary women would say that she is very ordinary, and just doing what she can, as God leads.

Most extraordinary women are not publicly recognized. Their name does not come up in a Google search under EXTRAORDINARY. But here is another example for you. She does not even have a first name. All we know of her is that she was Rufus’ mother, and the great Apostle Paul calls her ‘Mom’ (Romans 16:13)!!!

Did she know he would write most of the New Testament? Did she see his potential? Did she think he was just another mouth to feed? Or did she just love on him because she felt he was worth it in God's sight?

There are many ‘Pauls’ all around, and they are not all in a far away country. Maybe she is that lonely teen who has huge dreams to help others, but no one to encourage her. Maybe he is that kid who has trouble with his grades. Maybe…

And what about that extraordinary woman who invests in others and makes a difference!

Wait! I see her… Isn’t that you!!!!!