Have you every met someone who was instantly (to quote Anne of Green Gables), a "bosom friend"?

This happened to me recently in Zambia.  Canadian friends, John and Ruth Kerr introduced me to Dorcas, saying "you just have to meet her"!

Dorcas and Leanne - I am taking a video with my iPhone

Dorcas and I sat under a tree and began to talk, realizing quite quickly that we had much in common: we are both women in leadership, wives and mums, doing our best to find the balance in it all.  Dorcas is a wife and mum of four, but is also raising her sister's daughter... which is quite common in Southern Africa.

Dorcas displayed leadership skills early on in life.  She was not afraid to speak up and go against the grain.  As a young girl, her mum would tell her to "keep her words in her heart"...in other words..."don't be so opinionated."  While she excelled as a young woman in her work as an administrator she felt a call to lead in a church. She kept putting it off pursuing this call for various reasons: lack of resources, lack of confidence and lack of role models.  About three years ago she could no longer run and enrolled in Trans Africa Theological College.  She is currently a third year student and is scheduled to graduate July 2016.

Dorcas and Leanne

Her leadership however, it not on hold until graduation...she is leading now.  She leads a women's ministry in the copper belt of Zambia in Kitwe but she is doing it in a different way.  She reports that Zambian women are often content to sit back and serve behind the scenes.  She will meet strong, gifted women who hold themselves back or stay in abusive relationships, not understanding their deserve more.  According to Dorcas, this is because Zambian women do not understand their worth and value.   Dorcas is calling Zambian women on to greater levels of influence...letting them know who they are.  It is inspiring.

One thing that Dorcas said was very interesting to me.  She said this: "I am not advocating for women's rights.  I am preaching the gospel...the gospel is a gospel of JUSTICE!  We couldn't agree more.