At the end of March, ZOE Projects was pleased to partner with Horizon College and Seminary on Saskatchewan's first ever "Free to Lead Conference"...and we had a GREAT time!

Women of all ages and backgrounds came to this inspiring weekend.  One of those participants was Dyanna, daughter of Carmen Kampman, Conference Visioner (is that even a word?!?).

Below is Dyanna's "take" on the weekend.

When I, a fifteen-year-old girl, first walked through the doors of Ebenezer Baptist Church for the first ever Free To Lead Conference to be held here in Saskatoon, I could sense there was a craving for something. Every woman that I interacted with seemed to crave the same thing – change.

We reflected on how women are always receiving mixed messages. We are told to be “sexy,” but also told to hold an innocent heart. Frankly, it is quite confusing being a woman in the church. When various interpretations about a woman’s role were on the rise in the church our self-worth began to crumble and our confidence began to get chipped away at. At this stage we began to accept the lies and many of us found ourselves in the midst of an identity crisis. We continue to ask ourselves two main questions: “Who am I?” and “What do I do?”  So, what does it mean to be a Christian woman?

Women were made in God’s image - no doubt about that! - so why do we belittle ourselves on a regular basis? We bear traits of God. He has set us apart for his own purposes. We are not “add-ons” or “side-kicks,” we contain attributes of God. We need to live creative and productive lives.

Undervalued. Belittled. Misunderstood. Unappreciated. I’ve been there before. We mustn’t allow the fear of failure to determine our success. Be yourself, and yes I know that sounds cliché, but once you accept who you truly are and what you are capable of you will be unstoppable. God never will ask for you to become who you are not. Rise up and live up to your full potential.

- Dyanna Michelle

P.S. I’ll come willingly next year!


Can you imagine receiving this message of value and empowerment as a 15 year old girl?  Our hope and prayer is that our daughters would rise up to the vision that God has for them!