Last month Leanne, who is the Canadian Liaison of ZOE Projects and Rachel from Transformation Textiles got to meet Dorcas who lives in Nairobi, Kenya.  

Leanne, Rachel and Dorcas

We were excited for this meeting because we have been tracking with Dorcas for a few months.  You see...Dorcas is one of our heroes!  

Dorcas is a wife, mum and "high capacity leader" who is absolutely passionate about "seeing other women do well."  She says that many women in her community feel hopeless and she loves to show them who they really are in Christ.  She helps them understand their gifts and encourages them to walk out in them.  That sounds a lot like ZOE! 

Rachel and Dorcas are both business women...they compared notes!

If you have been following ZOE for awhile you will know that in January we began supporting Dorcas with her Masters of Education at Pan Africa Christian University.  One of our favourite things is that Dorcas shares what she is learning with the women she our investment is being multiplied.

One of the needs she expressed was for curriculum...hmmm...that is something we may be able to help with through ZOE Leadership!

If you want to give to support other women in the developing world with their education...

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Check out this quick video interview!