Late last year ZOE Projects was priveleged to partner with the Yangon Bakehouse in Myanmar.  Working with Broadway Church in Vancouver we were able to outfit a commercial production kitchen that services the retail outlets around the city.  They are also providing food for other businesses in the city.  They produce "cottage food"...cinnamon buns, brownies, sandwiches, salads and even Canadian butter tart bars!  The food is excellent!

The above video is a quick interview with Cavelle Dove, one of the founders of the Yangon Bakehouse.  The goal of the Bakehouse is to provide internships to marginalized women, where they learn marketable skills in the hospitality industry.  To date the Bakehouse has graduated 45 women!  These grads go out to local businesses as fully trained hospitality workers.  A few have gone on to start their own businesses.  Cavelle reports that the graduates earn 6 times what they can earn prior to the program.  6 times!?!  This earning potential means they can provide for their families and create better lives.  What a great investment!