The day is finally here...

After countless hours of writing, testing, re-writing and testing again (all fueled with copious amounts of coffee of course)...we are launching a dream!

A few years ago, while pastoring at Living Waters Church in Fort Langley, BC, God began to open my (Leanne's) eyes to the need to encourage and develop female leaders in Canada. Working with my friend Julie, we experimented with how best to do this in our local context and we began to see amazing things.  Women were hungry to learn and grow, but often felt "stuck."

Fast forward a few years to the launch of ZOE Projects.  We organized ourselves to:

"Network Canadians to respond to the needs of vulnerable women around the world, working in four key areas: Health, Education, Human/Sex Trafficking and Economic Empowerment…all with a heart for Spiritual Transformation."

Our chosen tagline was "Helping women Thrive."  We knew fairly early on that we wanted to help women thrive in Canada as well.

Why?  Well we believe passionately that every woman has been given a unique "deposit" of gifts that God wants to use for His purposes!  God is as it work in our world and we are invited to participate with Him.  

So we began to develop ZOE Leadership, to help women see their gifts and then encourage them tostrategically develop them further.   Often women fail to acknowledge their gifts because they “just don’t see it.”  We help them see it! 

The dream grew...the team grew!  

We worked closely with PAOC - Eastern Ontario District Women's Network, testing material and doing a couple of conferences.  We tested the material in BC and Alberta.  Free to Lead Conferences in Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Langley soon followed and we knew we had a message that needed to be shared.

So here we are.  Sharing what we have.

Our first course is called “IDENTITY: Discovering your Potential.” 

In this course, we learn that God wants to use us!  And He uses US…we don’t have to be anybody else because leadership looks different on everyone.  How freeing is that?  We just need to acknowledge our gifts andtake responsibility to learn and develop what God has deposited in us.  God is looking for women who are open to saying YES to Him! 

This five week course uses teaching videos and selected resources so that small groups of women can easily facilitate a ZOE Leadership group in their community. 

Interested in finding our more?  Email us here.

We are thinking that this is just the beginning!

Leanne McAlister

Canadian Liaison for ZOE Projects