ZOE partners with Kim Hodgkiss in Tujillo, Honduras, where she runs a vocational training school and discipleship program for vulnerable young women.  Recently we heard from Kim as she reported on how some of the participants (past and present) are doing.  It is amazing to put names and faces to the incredible work that Kim is involved in.  Here are some highlights!

After a recent visit to a working farm, fifteen year old Nora, who will be graduating from the program this year was inspired saying she would love to do this kind of work in the future.  With her love of animals and the outdoors and her physical strength, she is a natural!  Her classmate Hilda is interested in studying agriculture and animal husbandry.

What a delight it was to see these girls light up as they glimpsed future possibilities!


After graduation, Angelica went on to pursue a three year Hotel and Tourism course.   Through the years she has been making and altering clothes on the sewing machine she received upon her graduation from Kim's program.  This is allowing her to pay for her schooling costs.

One the scholarship students, Sandra, who is studying Small Business Administration is supporting herself with work in a small cafe in the city.  She is essentially managing the cafe: cooking, serving, receiving cash and ordering supplies.  She hopes to use what she is learning to open her own business in the future!

What a difference empowerment makes!  Interested in helping?  Donate HERE.