Menstrual kits being distributed in South Sudan

One of our ZOE Partners, Transformation Textiles recently shared incredible pictures from a recent project they are involved with in the 'no Go Zone' region of the Nuba mountains in South Sudan.  Through Persecution Project 2000 Dignity Kits were distributed in the area.  Those distributing the kits said that many of the women wept when they received them

Dignity Kits - Complete with washing bucket

It is hard for us to imagine, but...

How would you manage your period if you did not have access to sanitary supplies?

To what lengths would you go to avoid shame every month?

  • In East Africa, 80% of women lack access to pads (This amounts to 60M women)
  • 43% are under 15 years old (25.8M)
  • 1 in 10 adolescent girls miss school during menses
  • 60% of girls drop out of secondary school – twice the rate of boys – and are half as likely to be employed as adults.

Who knew that reusable menstrual pads could make such a difference in a woman's life?

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