Yesterday, I sat in Starbucks working on "all things ZOE" to the sound of Christmas music! I am so not ready...

True confessions:  I am the girl who doesn't play Christmas music until December 1st and the tree doesn't go up until at least the 10th.

So the sound of Christmas music on November 12th was shocking and served as a "wake up call" to get organized!  I sent out a Facebook message to my kids (on behalf of Mrs. alter-ego during December) so that she can started.

So how are your Christmas plans shaping up?

We would love for you to include ZOE in your Christmas Preparations. This year we, together, will "Give the Gift of Empowerment!"

What is Empowerment?

Empowerment means giving someone what they need to can include knowledge, tools, resources, networks, encouragement and even permission!  

Empowerment is at the heart of Sharon Thomas’ work with female leaders in the Dominican Republic. This Christmas we are partnering with Sharon to strategically empower and support women in that nation.  We are delighted that $120 will support one woman in her leadership journey in the DR in 2016.  What an incredible investment! 

Are you up for the challenge?

  • Which women are you going to gather with between now and Christmas?  Is there a potluck?  A Christmas tea?  A cookie exchange?  How could you together sponsor a woman in her leadership development?
  • Instead of buying more “stuff”(really don’t we all have enough?), maybe your family could sponsor a woman.
  • How about an Advent Challenge? 
    • Could you set aside $30 per week for the four weeks of Advent?  This is the cost of a meal…or an outfit.  This could be a practice to remind yourself about true priorities through the season.

What will you do?

Tweet us…using the hashtag #ZOEChallenge and let's together "get this done!"


Happy Planning! - Leanne