Happy New Year from ZOE!

What a year 2015 was...and it all happened so fast!

We thought it would be good to review the 2015 highlights, as we look forward to 2016.

What happened in 2015?  Here are some highlights:

  • In January,a group of 200 hundred students from University Christian Ministry in British Columbia raised over $3000 for ZOE!  It was invested with Monique Shaw, as she ministers to women in the sex industry in Kolkata, India.  Incredible!
  • In February, we took a group of 11 women from various parts of Canada on our first ever Short Term Mission to the Dominican Republic where we worked with female leaders in the church and community.  What a life changing experience. 
  • Over the year, we partnered on four different Women's Leadership events across Canada...in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Langley and Calgary.  There is a growing interest and hunger for women to be empowered in their communities in Canada, as well as abroad.
  • We believe in women!  And so we provided scholarships for female students in India, Ukraine and Kenya.
  • In April, we visited Zambia and connected with Steve Bowler, who works to alleviate the suffering of rape victims in Malawi.
  • In June, we toured the Yangon Bakehouse and saw first hand the ZOE investment of the industrial kitchen that benefits the skills training program for women in Myanmar.  That was a highlight!
  • In August, we launched ZOE Leadership.  God is as it work in our world and we believe that all are invited to participate with Him in it.  We want to help women see the part they can play and rise up with courage and confidence.  We have had ZOE leadership groups from BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec! Interested? MORE INFO HERE
  • This fall we saw local groups engage like never before...using what is in their hand to bring awareness of the needs of women worldwide and then raise funds to invest in ZOE.  It was very exciting!  
  • In December, we did the "Advent Challenge"...which encouraged women to engage in women's issues as we prepared for Christmas.  We hope that it was a blessing to you.  

All in one year...whew.

What is next in 2016?

  • We will continue to build our ZOE partnerships and give Canadians tangible opportunities to be informed and strategically engage with global women's issues. ZOE PROJECT PARTNERS
  • We will promote the IDENTITY course through ZOE Leadership...and launch the second course called TOGETHER.
  • We are excited to translate the IDENTITY course into FRENCH!  Want to help with this?  DONATE HERE
  • A "ZOE Toolkit" is in development...so that local leaders can easily engage and educate those around them in their community.

Leanne McAlister

It is going to be good!

Are you in?

Leanne and the National ZOE Team

P.S. Amazing things are on the other side of COURAGE...what are you waiting for?