There are some pretty amazing young women rising in our network and today we feature one of them: Sydney Teichroeb

Sydney is a young woman who pursues Jesus with her whole heart. She is from Abbotsford, British Columbia and is currently working on completing her degree at Summit Pacific College majoring in Counselling Foundations. 

Sydney is the director of a girl’s mentorship program called We Cultivate which is based out of Abbotsford. The program’s purpose is to provide enriching opportunities for girls to reach their full potential and exceed their self-perceived limits. One of the ways Sydney and her team do this is through group and individual mentoring. 

Sydney lives to empower those around her and bring glory to Jesus in everything.

Here is a quick little interview with Sydney...

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Sydney Teichrob. I was born in Kelowna, but grew up in Abbotsford, British Columbia. I had a Christian upbringing, went to a Christian School and attended church my whole life. The biggest thing I was involved in was dance! I have a large passion for dance, but I never thought I would be working with teen girls one day. Surprisingly that was not my intention at all!

How did you start "We Cultivate?"

For me it was so much more then just wanting to work with girls and start a "girls group". It grew from my passion to wanting to work with people and see them grow as individuals through a mentorship perspective! I wish that I had time to do both boys and girls, but I felt at that time I only had resources and Time for one gender! That is why we cultivate is now a girls program and I'm so thankful for that.

Did you always want to work with young girls?

I did not always want to work with young girls! I had no idea that God would lead me to do that, and it is amazing how once we are obedient to God he uses us to our full potential.

What would you say to someone starting out a group like Cultivate?

I would say - grab a good team and go for it! We try many different things, styles, games, ways to do things and we are still learning. Even after we try things I am happy that we went through it all as a team.

How do you get past the rough parts?

I am thankful we are doing the work despite when challenges come, you will have golden moments that remind you why you are doing what you do and it makes it all worth it! Having great teammates also makes the difference, knowing that if a bump comes in the road you do not have to walk through it alone is the best feeling. I also know when we do not act like we are perfect we will not have the pressure of feeling down around the rough parts, because we are striving to be as real as possible. And real life is not perfect haha!

What motivates you the most?

What motivates me the most is the exciting possibilities that working with girls gives. Also the scary facts and percentages that girls have to grow up with encourages me to keep going. We do not live in a world yet that caters to a wholesome upbringing for girls. That is what keeps me going - the conversations with young girls I have, the encouragement they need and the mentorship they crave. I love what I do and I think others should do the same!

How can people help out?

They can check out our Facebook, we also run something called Rewarding Wardrobes to help fund our activities with the girls. How it works is I get clothes donated, I wash + organize them into different sizes or styles + I put them online. Then other girls get to buy nice clothes that other girls did not want, + we benefit from it financially. I would say this is a huge breakthrough for us, + I encourage people to keep helping youth out even with no budget. There are always ways around needing a big budget to be successful! So if you would love to donate clothes that would be amazing!

Our future is bright with young women like Sydney!

Check Sydney's team out online:


Instagram: @wecultivate