“I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your word.” Psalm 119:16 NIV

When I was a kid growing up I loved Crusaders.

For those of you who are too young to remember, this PAOC Children's program was essentially Girl Guides and Boy Scouts with a Christian twist.

We wore the typical uniform with a sash to hold badges on, did all the camping, singing and marching those other groups did, but didn't have to sell any cookies.

Crusaders stood apart in their goal to train up children who were grounded in the Word.

Each week we learned about and memorized scripture. For a competitive girl like me, a badge was all the motivation I needed to get me to memorize scripture. I didn't realize how valuable this training in the Word was until my life got tough.

My first marriage was a very difficult time for me. The tumultuous relationship left my heart and mind struggling to know the truth. My self-worth was diminished and I was hopeless, unless I stood on the Word. In the times when I would stay grounded in the Word I could face my troubles with confidence and rise above the circumstances. Often I would quote scripture to build myself up. I was amazed at how many of those verses I learned when I was a kid in Crusaders. When I didn't stay in the Word daily I became weak, defeated and bitter. Not someone you always wanted to hang around!



I read my Bible daily. In the hard times I read more, because I need more. I thought every Christian did this, but sadly that's not the case. In Canada, only 11% of churchgoers read their Bible daily.

If you haven't build up the habit of daily devotions check out www.takethe40daychallenge.com. There you can sign-up for free to take a 40-day journey through reading my book and the Bible. You will receive 40 days worth of short emails to help you stay consistent. Christian Bookstores are a great resource to find devotionals or Bible Studies that can help guide you in scripture study. It's good to read from a variety of authors so you have a 'balanced meal' that produces a balanced mind.


I'm known for having scripture written on cue cards taped to my bathroom mirror or kept in my purse. My husband Todd used to write scripture and keep it in his shirt pocket. He also would record scripture on the door from the house into the garage. He painted it with black chalkboard paint and made artistic postings. In our house, we have a frame with chalkboard paint instead of a painting in it where we write scriptures or sayings on it. I let the artist update that one!


I believe quoting scripture out loud is the most powerful thing you can do. David ran at Goliath with his mouth open declaring the goodness of his God and letting Goliath know how God was going to make David victorious. Life and death is in the power of the tongue. Use this truth to your benefit. I don't know if there's anything that defeats the enemy more than when we speak out scripture? Use scripture in your prayers. It will make them more effective because you're praying in agreement with God and His Word. Just make sure you're not trying to manipulate God or His Word.


It seems almost too simple to say, so when I think of this point I see a hillbilly standing beside one of those old water pumps, arm moving up and down and I hear him saying, “you gots to fill up yer well.” It's so important to keep the well of your spirit filled up on the water of the Word. We have to store up a supply of fresh water when things are going well so you have something to pump out when times get tough.


Don't keep it to yourself! When you read something in the Bible that inspires you, challenges you, helps you, corrects you or you just think it's funny...share it with someone. Don't be a Dead Sea. If the water flows in, let it keep on flowing. Let the streams flow so you can refresh someone else!

  • Send it in a card, email or text
  • Call a friend on the phone and tell them about it
  • Blog about it
  • Write a book
  • Sing it in a Song
  • Share about it at church
  • Teach Sunday School
  • Lead a Bible Study or Home Group
  • Share about it with your friends
  • Tell someone your testimony and include scripture when you do
  • Preach


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Sherry is a dynamic Author, Speaker and Blogger. Your group would be inspired to have her come and share. Check out Sherry’s Soul H2O blog where you can find ‘Refreshment For Your Soul’ on Mondays with her weekly #SoulH2O devotionals at




It’s somewhat embarrassing to admit but I have multiple Bibles, in multiple translations, lying around in multiple locations in my home.  The Word of God literally surrounds me, but yet how easy it can be to start the busyness of each day without taking the time to quiet myself before God; to set my heart, mind and spirit on Him, spending time in His Word and hearing what He has to say to me and responding.  

I too learned the importance of scripture memorization at a young age and I was fortunate to have godly influences in my life who continued to encourage me to keep scripture memorization as a part of the discipline of reading and studying God’s Word daily.  We don’t like the word “discipline” it seems so structured for our casual lifestyles and laissez-faire society.  But spending regular and consistent time in God’s Word is a discipline that I know I have to be intentional about practicing especially when life gets busy, demanding and time is short.  Researchers say it takes six weeks to break a bad habit or to start a new one.  If you are struggling to build consistency with your time in God’s would I’d encourage you to set a goal of six weeks of regular daily Bible reading.  Don’t make it a chore, but make it a date with God to be with Him and hear from Him.

Hailey Armoogan

Hailey is an ordained minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.  She has been in full-time ministry for 18 years and has served within Canada and overseas.   She currently serves as the Church Ministries Pastor at The Park Church in Sherwood Park, Alberta. 


I absolutely love the five steps to stay grounded in the Word. I am a fairly type-a person, meaning that I love lists, and organization, and practical steps that I can take. I definitely believe that staying grounded in the word and in relationship with God is an incredibly personal experience between God and yourself, therefore it can take many different forms. But in times where my life is full and chaotic, these are practical steps that I know I can take in order to further my relationship with God and to stay grounded in the Word when I am personally having a hard time.

The step that I personally find the most impacting is the last one, which is to let the streams flow. I absolutely love the idea of when learning something about Jesus or in Scripture, not letting it stay stagnant in myself but passing it along, as a flowing river of God's word and inspiration. This not only inspires me, but it means that my personal relationship with God can potentially impact others in such a wonderfully creative and loving way. I have been inspired to make more of an effort to share what I learn in the Word with others as I continue in my life journey to stay grounded in God's word.

Jennie Bak

Jennie is a twenty-four year old Pastoral Theology student in her fourth year at Summit Pacific College in Abbotsford, BC. She has been an intern with ZOE Network for three years. Being a college student, she drinks a lot of coffee and loves studying the Bible and finding creative ways to use her giftings