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I love being in leadership because I can easily say “If I can grow into this then you can too.” 

As a Mission Canada worker and a student, I lead a university ministry that began eight years ago and serves our campus and beyond. Segue, our student community, is passionate about helping students transition well, building a strong faith community on campus and addressing issues of injustice. We have over 100 nations represented on our campus, many of these students will return to their nations and use what they learn here to impact their communities. We are leading and investing in leaders who already have influence and can impact far beyond our reach.

Of course, there are many pieces to my story but this chapter began when I was a 34 year old stay-at-home mom of four with little post-secondary education and what I perceived as even less experience in leading. At that time the little confidence I did have was not in my capacity to accomplish great things, but in the “knowing” of where I was supposed to go, who I was to serve and a deep trust that God would show the way forward. I began this chapter with saying “I’m not this” and “I don’t know anything about that.” I have learned that in everything that I am not I know that God is, including my ability to lead well.

I love being in leadership because I love influencing.

I have found that in the process of serving and caring for others my sphere of influence has given me a voice into issues I never would have had. I do not serve and care in order to build influence but I love using whatever influence I have to advocate for those in need and to shift the culture around us.

Partnering with others who share my passion also increases influence and builds a strong voice to combat injustice and to speak hope and love into the lives of the people around us. We can use our influence to change culture and to change lives.

I love being in leadership because I love networking.

Networking is one of my strongest gifts. I love not just meeting and discovering the amazing things about people but also connecting them with others. Using my networks can look like:
-     Connecting students with people in their fields of study
-     Connecting student leaders from our campus with leaders on other campuses
-     Connecting students with mental health resources they need
-     Connecting with global and local pastors and leaders sending students to our campus
-     Connecting students with local churches
-     Connecting students with issues of injustice and those who are working on the front lines
      to combat them.

I love being in leadership because I love watching lives transform.

Leading students allows me the opportunity to invest in their lives, to call out the great things I see in them and coach them in pruning back the areas that need new and healthy growth. I love seeing students grow in their capacity to love and serve well and encouraging these burgeoning leaders to use their passion, time, money and their education not to just build a life for themselves but to share it with others. Discipling, coaching and mentoring students brings me joy!

I love being in leadership because I love sharing. 

I love sharing my life, my struggles, my joys and my stories. I love sharing my networks, influence, passion, love for God and love for others. I love sharing the leadership lessons I am learning along the way, sharing the load, including students in decision making, walking with them as they learn to love and serve well and releasing them to lead.

At the start of this chapter eight years ago, my first day of class as a University student was also the first day of Kindergarten for our youngest daughter. My husband jokes that he should have bought us matching Hello Kitty lunch kits. Well, this year I am blessed to have my oldest daughter serve and grow alongside me on the campus as a student leader in our community. Everything I share as I lead students I also share with my children as they grow in loving and serving God and others. I can say honestly say to them that “if I can grow into this then you can too.”