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Did you know that rape is a FACT OF LIFE for women in Malawi? You can do something...

ZOE is pleased to be partnered with Steve Bowler who lives and works in the country of Malawi.  Steve works with

Fountain of Life, which exists to support women who are sexually assaulted in Malawi.

According to FOL...

Rape is a fact of life for women in Malawi. 50% of women in Malawi are raped. Many rape victims are little girls under the age of 10. In ideal world we can prevent this from ever happening again. But the truth is, ONE OUT OF TWO young little girls will be violated and they need help. Right now just to recover. The only thing worse than being raped is being left alone to cope with trauma. Our mission is to prevent this tragedy from defining the rest of their life. We can not prevent them from being raped. We can save them from facing it alone...

Steve recently sent us some of the stories of the girls and women that have been assaulted and it is absolutely heart breaking.  As a mum of a daughter I can't imagine the pain. 

But here is the good news: ZOE Projects, with the support of generous Canadians, is responding!  This week we will provide FOL with $5500 to help them continue this much needed work...but it is not too late to give! (There is always time to give!) CLICK HERE to support FOL and projects like it. 

For more information, please check out this VIDEO:

Steve Bowler



Did you know you can help sexual assault victims in Malawi?

A recent survey carried out in Malawi by CDC with UNICEF and the Government of Malawi found that 69% of girls and women in Malawi have experienced some form of sexual assault.

Let that sink in.  69%...

Unfortunately the support services available for these victims are very limited.

Our ZOE partner, Steve Bowler works with an organization called Fountain of Life

Steve and Kathy with their 2 daughters

Steve has lived and served with his wife, Kathy in Malawi for many years.

The primary goal of Fountain of Life is to address this gap of services and find ways to help the many, many victimized girls and women begin a healing process that will help them recover and become a survivor.

The Government of Malawi is establishing “One Stop Centres” at all the major hospitals in the country to provide trauma counseling. This model is heavily reliant on organizations like Fountain of Life to provide a counseling program, as well as volunteers.

All of the FOL volunteers are Christians who believe that God is the only one that can truly heal the deepest wounds that come through a rape.   They pray with the clients and let them know they are loved and valued.

We love this project!  

Fountain of Life has asked ZOE to help specifically in the training of volunteer lay counselors.

They need program development, training materials, ongoing support of counselors as well as “Comfort Packages” for the victims.

We can do this!

Donate here.